Monday, June 3, 2013

Storyboard Template Assignment:Commercial Video Project

Using the storyboard in Photoshop create the graphics for your story board.
Create graphics for at least 10 slides. Remember that you can use two of the 10 slides
to represent the opening and closing credits.  Be sure to save two of the story board templates because you will need a total of 10.

This planning will help guide your vision as you decide shots you need to take and decisions on
the locations you need to shoot in,props you may need,transitions between scenes and vocabulary and voices used in script.

Be certain to Include:
Credits:Opening & Closing
Descriptions of action and location under each scene.
Description of important dialogue.
Transition descriptions(fade in/fade out,swipe to scene...etc.)
Graphic included in presentations(text or visuals).
Number each scene
Include prop descriptions(football for throwing,glasses for character,hats).
Sounds(Is there music or sound effects used?)

Video Critque:
After designing the final h gjpeg in Photoshop you will email it to me and I will create a document with all the finished storyboards and each group will be assigned to critique one of the other groups in screen-cast form.

Use this template in Photoshop to get started.
Storyboard Template